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The Vachon Law Firm has previously and successfully sued dozens of California new and used car dealerships. It has sued the popular Sacramento County used car dealership EZ Auto solutions several times in California lemon law, fraud, accident-damaged used car, and auto-financing lawsuits. Click on the links below to learn more about the cases we have litigated against EZ Auto Solutions.

Miller v. EZ Auto Solutions, et al. – filed February 3, 2012
Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. – filed June 12, 2012
Jones v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. – filed August 14, 2012
Tickner, et al. v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. – filed September 30, 2013
(click to read the Tickner v. EZ Auto Solutions Complaint)


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