Legal Codes

This page contains links to the full text of some of the most important California and federal consumer protection statutes and regulations. Typically, reading statutory and regulatory texts is something that only attorneys (and other persons with legal training) have an interest in; however, if you are interested in doing your own research you can click on the links below to analyze the rules and procedures that mandated by state and federal law, as well as the most important and powerful remedies that consumers have in enforcing their legal rights.

Legal Resources
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Statute/Regulation Subject Matter
California Vehicle Code
Vehicle Code Section 11713.1 Requirements For Advertisements Published by Car Dealers
Vehicle Code Section 11713.16 Additional Vehicle Advertising Regulations For Car Dealers
Vehicle Code Section 11713.18 Requirements For So-Called “Certified” Used Automobiles
California Consumer Protection Statutes
Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (i.e., the California Lemon Law Statute) Enforcement of Automobile Warranties and Remedies For Dealers’ Inability to Repair Defects
Automobile Sales Finance Act Imposes Formatting and Disclosure Requirements For Automobile Purchase Contracts
Consumers Legal Remedies Act Prohibits a Wide Variety of Misrepresentations and Unlawful Business Practices
Vehicle Leasing Act Formatting and Disclosure Requirements For Automobile Lease Contracts
Federal Consumer Protection Statutes
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act The “federal lemon law” statute, which mandates that certain information be set forth in warranties and facilitates consumers’ enforcement of their warranty rights.
Truth in Lending Act
Consumer Leasing Act
12 U.S.C. §§ 5481, 5517, 5519 Selection of statutes that are relevant to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rule on pre-dispute arbitration agreements and the CFPB’s official interpretations of that rule
California Regulations
13 California Code of Regulations Section 260.04 Additional Requirements For Car Dealer and Auto Manufacturer Advertisements
13 California Code of Regulations Section 260.02
Federal Regulations
12 C.F.R. Part 1040 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Rule on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements
12 C.F.R. Part 1040 Supp I CFPB’s Official Interpretations of Rule on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements