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Toyota Motor Credit Corporation is a California based automobile finance company that does business under the fictitious business names Toyota Financial Services and Lexus Financial Services. If you recently purchased or leased a new Toyota or Lexus brand automobile, there is a good chance that you are making your monthly payments to Toyota Motor Credit Corporation. Toyota Motor Credit Corporation is also one of the many automobile finance companies that the Vachon Law Firm has previously sued on behalf of California consumers.

Under California law, if a car dealership commits fraud in your purchase of an automobile, the finance company is typically jointly liable for the dealer’s legal violations. Similarly, in some (but not all) automobile lease cases the finance company will also be jointly liable for the dealer’s unlawful conduct. Accordingly, adding the finance company as a defendant in a car dealer fraud lawsuit is often an effective method of making sure that at least one of the defendants will be able to pay any judgment rendered in the case. Adding the lender as a defendant may also effectively put pressure on the defendant car dealership and give it a greater incentive to enter into an early settlement.

Lawsuits Against Toyota Motor Credit Corporation

The Vachon Law Firm has experience litigating lawsuits against Toyota Motor Credit Corporation. Click below to read more about our lawsuits against Toyota Financial Services and Lexus Financial Services.

Thomas v. Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, et al. – June 2015
(complaint against Toyota Financial Services)

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Further, if you leased an automobile that was later repossessed by Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, please read this website’s page describing the Toyota Financial Services class action lawsuit, which was initiated by the Vachon Law Firm in June 2015.