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The Volkswagen Group manufacturers Volkswagen and Audi brand cars and SUVs. Here in California, new Volkswagen and Audi brand automobiles are warranted by Volkswagen of America Group, Inc.

In typical California lemon law cases, in which a consumer has purchased or leased a new car, truck, or SUV with a defect that the dealer is either unable or unwilling to repair, it is the warrantor and manufacturer that are liable under the lemon law and which are required to offer the consumer a lemon law buyback. You can find out more about the California lemon law’s requirements on this site.

List of Lawsuits Against Volkswagen of America Group

The Vachon Law Firm has experience litigating lemon law lawsuits against all of the major vehicle manufacturers and warrantors. Below is a list of some of the lemon law cases that we have filed against Volkswagen of America Group on behalf of owners of Volkswagen and Audi automobiles.

Jiminez v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (Audi) – May 2015
(complaint against Audi of America)

Think Your Volkswagen or Audi Automobile is a Lemon?

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