Leased Merceses-Benz Car

If you talk to a non-lawyer who has read the California lemon law statute, he or she might tell you that leased automobiles are not covered under the lemon law because the statute defines “new motor vehicles” to mean automobiles that are “bought” at retail. However, that is untrue. The California lemon law also includes a section (i.e., Section 1795.4) that specifies that leased goods also qualify for coverage under the lemon law, and that the statute’s protections, rules, and requirements all apply to leased automobiles in exactly the same way they apply to purchased automobiles.

If you leased your car, truck, or SUV, that will not prevent you from pursuing a lemon law buyback.

If Your Leased Automobile is a “Company Car” Then Check the Requirements for Business Vehicles

Many leased automobiles, especially for small business owners, are so-called “company cars.” While these vehicles are not disqualified from coverage because they were leased, they still have to comply with the California lemon law’s rules for business vehicles. So be sure to read this site’s description of the requirements for business automobiles before you consider pursuing a lemon law claim.

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